Monday, 29 June 2015

Stop Motion, Lego Animation

 Hi. This is Laura, Fiona and Francesca. We have just finished writing our  story line. Here is our story we have called it The Lego Race.

It starts with a car crash and the police car gets there really quickly but the fire engine takes a long time to get there. When it finally arrives the police guy yells at him for being so slow and then the fire guy says oh rubbish I was really quick my fire engine could beat your car any day. The police guy says that's a lie and the fire guy says oh really how about we race then we will see who’s really got the fastest car. The next day they are at a race track and the crowd are cheering. The policeman was so confident that he said that the fire engine could have a minute head start. The lights go red then orange then green and they fire engine chugged slowly out of sight. The police car starts a minute later and zooms super fast. He catches up to the fire engine  and then passes it leaving the fire engine in the dust. He nears the finish line when he takes his hands off the steering wheel to wave at the crowd and gloat and his car suddenly spins out of control and crashes into the finishing pole not across the line. His car is broken so he is stuck there. The fire engine comes and slowly chugs across the line winning. He gets out of his car and is jumping in glee when suddenly the fire and police department bosses arrive and demand to know what they are doing. The movie closes with them having a red unhappy face.

Our next jobs are to create a story board,The back grounds and hopefully by the end of next term we will be starting to make our mov

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