Thursday, 7 July 2016

I am looking up supernatural phenomenons and creatures and their locations.I have created a Google map marking their location . With the intent of making connections between them

Caitlyn and Francesca's Project 2016

This year our GaTE project is Fear. We will be researching other people's fears and also their personal reaction. We are also researching where fear originated from. We also intend to find out how tolerable people are to their fears.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Caitlyn's Project

I am almost finished my project, I am in the last stage of my research and I'm starting to plan how I'm going to present my final product. I have answered my three questions, with sufficient answers. I am looking foward to what it will look like when it's finished.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hi this is Francesca, Laura and Fiona here, we are currently in week 7 and we are working on our stop motion. We have completed our story board and script and now we have started filming our movie. Hopefully we will have finished filming by the end of the term. Next term we will be learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro to edit our movie.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Hello our names are Ethan, Jesse and Xavier. We're yr 9's that  joined Mairehau High school GaTE group. We are currently working on a movie of the horror genre. 

Ethan and Jesse are currently finishing a robot project they started in term one but will then work on the movie. 

It involved firstly researching different Horror genres by watching a range of trailers on Youtube.

We decided on a concept together and will be making a Horror movie trailer.

We next have to complete investigating and researching specific conventions of Horror movies.

Stop Motion, Lego Animation

 Hi. This is Laura, Fiona and Francesca. We have just finished writing our  story line. Here is our story we have called it The Lego Race.

It starts with a car crash and the police car gets there really quickly but the fire engine takes a long time to get there. When it finally arrives the police guy yells at him for being so slow and then the fire guy says oh rubbish I was really quick my fire engine could beat your car any day. The police guy says that's a lie and the fire guy says oh really how about we race then we will see who’s really got the fastest car. The next day they are at a race track and the crowd are cheering. The policeman was so confident that he said that the fire engine could have a minute head start. The lights go red then orange then green and they fire engine chugged slowly out of sight. The police car starts a minute later and zooms super fast. He catches up to the fire engine  and then passes it leaving the fire engine in the dust. He nears the finish line when he takes his hands off the steering wheel to wave at the crowd and gloat and his car suddenly spins out of control and crashes into the finishing pole not across the line. His car is broken so he is stuck there. The fire engine comes and slowly chugs across the line winning. He gets out of his car and is jumping in glee when suddenly the fire and police department bosses arrive and demand to know what they are doing. The movie closes with them having a red unhappy face.

Our next jobs are to create a story board,The back grounds and hopefully by the end of next term we will be starting to make our mov

Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi i'm Jakob. Im a yr 10 and this is my first year in GaTE.

My investigate project this year is to choreograph a dance video performed with my sister. My three questions for this year are..

How difficult will it be to create a dance from scratch?
How can creating a dance help me with my dream job?
What type of dancing style gets the most attention from an audience and why?

Currently I have selected the music and are in the process of choreographing the dance.

My name is Erin. My project this year is around the First Four ships to New Zealand and one of my ancestors who died on the way over. My questions are: 
-What did Mary and the family do after the breadwinner died on the voyage from the UK
-What was the fencible settlement scheme and how did it work? 
- What were the living conditions like in the UK on the boat?
Hi i'm Summer, I am a year 10. This year for my project I am researching Tyler Oakley and his involvement in the Trevor project. My main research questions are:
- Who is he and what does he do?
- Why is he an inspiration?
- What is the Trevor project and what does it do?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hi, my name is Fiona and I'm a year nine GaTE student. This year my project is making a stopmotion mini movie with Laura and Francesca. We think we are doing ok with progress and planning. In school, my favourite subjects are Music, Social studies, and English. I like reading, Ice skating, playing the piano, cats, doing fancy nail art, hanging out with friends, and watching youtube.